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Clover Farms Dairy
P.O. Box 14627
Reading, PA 19612-4627
Phone: (610) 921-9111
(800) 323-0123

Welcome to Clover Farms. Here you can learn about our products, locate a dealer near you, see new things we’re up to, and find out what Clover Farms is all about. Don’t forget to drop us a line while you’re here. Want the overall picture of things? Check out our site map.

Clover means Quality. Always. Our uncompromising quality in products and services can be found in every milk, tea, juice, or other fluid product we produce, package or deliver.

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Isn't all milk the same? Absolutely not! Milk from different dairies can have very different flavors. The flavor of milk comes from the diet of the cows that produce it. At Clover Farms, our pastures are located in the rich, rolling hills of Pennsylvania Dutch dairy country. This results in rich, sweet, wholesome milk, cream, and other great dairy products.